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  •  Is your business Safe.Clean.Ready? Cottonwood is ready, but we are moving carefully to help protect everyone who lives here or visits. Frankly, we’re being a little strict. We’ve flattened the curve, and we want to keep it that way.

    Safety Guide lines for Businesses, Residents, and Visitors: By referencing CDC guidance, Governor Ducey’s Executive Orders, and 

    collaborating with people all over the Verde Valley, we have created safety guidelines reopening businesses may voluntarily choose to adopt.  Businesses who sign up are listed on this site, and they display the COTTONWOOD | Safe.Clean.Ready. sticker in their windows. We are posting the guidelines for you to see, as well as the businesses who sign on, constantly updated. Sign up your business now by FILLING OUT THIS FORM and emailing it to: pio@cottonwoodaz.gov

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  • Angie's House


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    About Us

    In 2000, when we opened Angie’s House, it was because I felt critical housing needs were not being met for the homeless, mentally ill and addicted/disabled community. We began with two converted homes in the Cottonwood, Arizona area which were used for the homeless community. Soon after, we were fortunate to be able to expand our services to assist the addicted and disabled community. Another component which was not being addressed was housing for individuals impacted by mental illness.

    Expanded Services

    In 2006, we were able to expand our services to do our part in the community to help this issue. Angie’s House is now a 10-home community serving the Northern Arizona area, though still based in Cottonwood. And still run by my husband and myself! If you, a friend, or a family member is struggling with any of these issues, please know we are here to help. Call us with questions! If we do not have the answer, we can probably connect you with someone who can. Wishing the best for you and your family,