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    Celebrate Your Independence With Better Hearing!
    "Franchise Fee Free" Cutting-Edge Clinically Proven Siemens/Signia Hearing Aids Are Here!
    Get The Same 24 Channel, Wireless, Li-Rechargeable Siemens/Signia Hearing Aids As Miracle Ear, For "At Least" $1300 Less Per Pair (Now ONLY $1750 each!)

    In fact we guarantee you will save between $1,000 to $2,000 below a recent Miracle-Ear or Beltone quote for the same pair of hearing aids. Most people don't know, Miracle Ear and Beltone do NOT make their own hearing aids, they simply pay to put their name on them. Beltone is GN ReSound and Miracle Ear is Siemens/Rexton/Signia.

    We at The Great American Hearing Aid Company LLC, order your hearing aids from the same manufacturers, but way below our competitor's prices (Franchise Fee Free!). Typically, when Miracle Ear get's the 1st Generation hearing aids from Siemens, we already have the 2nd Generation of "the same hearing aid technology" for much less. Let us be your one-stop authority for all your hearing aid healthcare needs, call for your free audiological evaluation and hearing aid demonstration now . . .

     *Call for your complementary hearing evaluation and on-the-spot hearing demonstration today!

    "Faith Comes From Hearing!"
    Todd M. Faassé NBC-HIS, President of The Great American Hearing Aid Co.LLC
    *Sound Health Hotline 928.639.0007
    P.S.Our Great Pricing Includes The Same Comprehensive Factory Warranties, Loss and Damage Insurance and Lifetime Service Plans.

    P.P.S. We are closed this 4th of July, in Honor of the US Veterans who make America Great.
    ~God Bless America!
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    Offer Valid: July 2, 2018July 31, 2019
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